PharmInvent Provides Unparalleled Audit Services Worldwide

Feb 8, 2016

On the list of professional services that PharmInvent provides to clients on a regular basis is one which deserves particular mention to start off 2016.

PharmInvent‘s Auditing Services

Two-thousand and fifteen was a remarkable year of growth and expansion in the types of auditing services that PharmInvent offers, and we are excited and proud to offer these same services once again to our existing clients as well as new clients.  

Here is a brief overview of the types of Auditing Services that we offer:

  • External audits of your PV system
  • Audits of specific PV activities to check effectiveness of the process and compliance with GVP modules
  • Audits of vendors, partners and third party service providers to ensure smooth conduct of business within your company and third party
  • Due-diligence audits, vendor qualification audits and gap analysis to identify and assess consequences and likelihood of the regulatory risks
  • Product-related audits focused on product-related PV issues, including product-specific activities and documentation
  • Pre-authorisation audits conducted with the intent of examining the existing or proposed PV system as has been described by the applicant in support of the MA application
  • Pre-inspection audits to make sure your system is fully compliant with the latest regulatory requirements
  • Assistance during the inspection processes, development of CAPA, and dealing with critical findings

For pharmaceutical organizations who have specific auditing needs, whether they are at one location or multi-site, we have solutions and the capabilities to meet those needs with our superior audit team of qualified auditors in house.  

With the growing demand for our auditing teams, please contact us early to reserve resources for your organization’s needs. 

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