PharmInvent is Hiring in 2017

Jan 11, 2017

Would you like to become a member of a multinational team?

We offer multiple opportunities for talented and highly motivated people. Click here for more information.

PharmInvent is a specialized provider of pharmacovigilance and regulatory science consulting services. Our highly-qualified multinational team includes over 60 people with an additional international network of PV experts from over 50 countries. In 2016 PharmInvent joined forces with PrimeVigilance to become one of the world’s largest specialist drug safety service provider with over 300 highly qualified staff based in UK, Europe and USA. 

At PharmInvent, we do our best every day to protect patient health by allowing prompt notification and assessment of safety issues. By collecting information about medicines and their side effects, we help to protect the public from emerging safety issues throughout a medicine‘s life cycle, thereby ensuring its safe and effective use.

If you have any specivic HR related question, please contact us.


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