PharmInvent Expands Local Pharmacovigilance Services to South Africa

Jul 22, 2015

Starting in June 2015, PharmInvent has now expanded into South Africa by offering Pharmacovigilance Services to multi-national clients who have expanded their PV programs to remain consistent worldwide while simultaneously meeting their customer’s medicinal demands.  

With the PharmInvent business model allowing for a virtually seamless integration of local or country specific PV operations into multi-national client PV solutions, the addition of South Africa as a covered country has once again turned out to be a success. 

Expect in the very near future more expansion of local PV services within the African continent as well as other regions globally.

To learn more about the regional PV services that are offered at PharmInvent, read the Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing page here, or feel free to make contact with a representative via the contact us page.

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