PharmInvent Brings Pharmacovigilance Services to Brazil, Colombia and Chile

Mar 11, 2016

PharmInvent is pleased to announce that our industry leading pharmacovigilance services are now available in several more South American countries to meet the growing needs of our clients.

For several years, PharmInvent has been actively providing services in some other regions in South America, mainly Argentina.  With our clients‘ needs for expansion into new regions, especially within South America, it became clear that we needed to develop a more comprehensive offering of services across several more countries.  

Our local affiliates in South America have a lengthy experience with the national competent authorities Brazil, Colombia and Chile, and we are looking forward to eventually offering the same pharmacovigilance services in several more countries in the coming months. 

Being able to coordinate and provide local PV representation, often referred to as local QPPV or "LCPPV", on all the continents of the world is a big and expensive challenge for any organization.  This is particularly true for the pharmaceutical companies, who would rather have a specialist organization like PharmInvent deliver these services from beginning to end.  

South America is a region which is experiencing growth for many of our existing clients, and we fully expect our PV presence in that region to grow considerably in the coming months and years.  

To learn more about our local and regional pharmacovigilance services, please contact us at anytime via our inquiry page.

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