Our Quality Policy

In line with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, the Management Board of PharmInvent declare and make public this Quality Policy as an essential document describing the expected attitudes and behaviours of all staff members.

  1. The interest of our clients, well balanced with interest of public health, is the driving force for all our efforts to fulfil our client´s needs.
  2. Our Mission is to offer high quality and value-for-money services in pharmacovigilance, pharmaceuticals risk management and regulatory science as well as providing pharmacovigilance audits to pharmaceutical industry, contract research organisations, academia, healthcare industry and public service.
  3. All staff members understand the critical importance of quality for the Company success, and know their role and position in the established quality management system.
  4. The Management Board expect from all staff members continuous improvement of their knowledge, skills and attitudes, including their loyalty, confidentiality, and overall professionalism.
  5. Our Company strictly control quality of our vendors and suppliers to make sure they positively contribute to high quality of our products and services we provide to our customers.
  6. The Quality Management System should fully meet the practical needs of our Company, and is continuously improved to ensure it serves as an effective tool supporting all processes in our Company.

From this policy, quality objectives and targets are developed. The Management Board commit adequate resources to support Quality Management System in the Company, and creates environment supporting fulfilment of this Quality Policy.

In Prague, 30 September 2016