Another Orphan Biotech Pharmacovigilance Solution from PharmInvent

Sep 2, 2016

PharmInvent is happy to annouce the recent launch of an Orphan Biotech Fully Outsourced Pharmacovigilance Solution for one of our existing clients.  

September 1, 2016 marked the day where PharmInvent took over many remaining parts of a pre-existing PV system by implementing a new EU QPPV, PSMF, safety database, case processing, and several other critical features of a full functioning PV system which meets European GVP.

PharmInvent has seen rapid growth since its inception, and so far in 2016 there are no signs of this growth slowing down.  With increasing regulatory requirements that have the potential to change rapidly, biotech and small to mid size pharmaceutical companies are seeing and feeling the growing list of benefits that outsourcing to a premier service provider can provide.  

PharmInvent has built its reputation on consistently delivery extremely high quality services, while still being able to offer very competitive pricing models.  If history is any indication of the future, we are excited to see our services requested and successfully implemented for many more pharmacovigilance solutions in the years to come.

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