New PV Services in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia

Nov 9, 2016

Starting in October of 2016, PharmInvent has once again expanded the global reach of our local pharmacovigilance services to include three more countries in South America.  With the addition of providing services in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia, PharmInvent is now providing PV services in a total of seven South American countries.

The demand from our new plus our existing American and European clients who are distributing medicinal products in South American countries has increased dramatically over the past 12 months, and is expected to continue.  Although the pharmacovigilance requirements and regulations are currently at a different phase in their development compared to the EU GVP for example, there are regulatory requirements which must be fulfilled, and PharmInvent is happy to be offering these services.

To learn more about PharmInvent’s South American pharmacovigilance services, please contact us directly.  

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