New Department Launch

Jun 4, 2014

PharmInvent is happy to announce the launch of the newly created EU QPPV and QA department in May 2014. The department, headed by the most recent addition to our team, Dr. Jana Hyankova, will be responsible for PharmInvent‘s EU QPPV services and will have oversight of the individuals performing in that role throughout the EEA. Additionally the department will be responsible for driving all processes for Quality Assurance and ensuring our commitment to the process of continuous improvement. This department represents a significant milestone in the maturation and expansion of PharmInvent as a company.

"We are excited by the prospects for our new department and opportunity that it presents in our continued growth and development. It will allow us strengthen the level and quality of services that we provide for our partners and clients at the global level." PharmInvent CEO Dr. Jan Petracek

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