Local QPPV Services

Our Local QPPV Network Provides Coverage In:

  • Europe, Russia and CIS Region
  • United States, Canada, Mexico and  Latin America
  • APAC, MENA, South Africa and Australia

Local QPPV Services Offered:

  • A single point of contact and 24/7 contact availability by trained and certified PV professionals
  • Local QPPV services as well as EU QPPV services
  • Local literature screening of local journals and publications with professional English translations
  • Local regulatory knowledge & support
  • Prompt assistance and guidance when handling pharmacovigilance related requests from the national local authorities or from the QPPV
  • Aggregation and dissemination of local reports containing medicinal product risks
  • Reporting of suspected ADRs to local authorities in the local language(s) as needed
  • Tracking of ADRs and safety relevant information related to local PV activities
  • Flexible training protocols to easily incorporate client speicific SOPs and written procedures

To learn more about PharmInvent‘s Local QPPV Services, pls contact us.