Dr. Petracek to Present at DIA Benefit/Risk Management Training November 3-4, in Paris

Oct 21, 2015

DIA will be holding their Benefit/Risk training course starting November the 3rd thru November the 4th in Paris, France.  Due to an overwhelming demand, the available spaces for participants has been increased, however space is extremely limited. 

If you are available to see Dr. Petracek, MD, MSc and his co-chair Dr. Michael Forstner, PhD, you will learn the thinking behind risk minimisation measures as well as how to optimize benefits simultaneously.  You can expect in-depth trainings on best practices in terms of presenting required materials to health authorities and regulators.  In addition, Dr. Petracek and his co-chair will be presenting ideas and current best practices with regards to clinical study design.

For more information, feel free to read the current program that is listed online via the DIA webpage here.

Dr. Petracek is available for private corporate trainings with specific clients upon request.  Please use our contact us page to inquire about this opportunity.  


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