Bioequivalence and Development Workshop in Prague with Dr. Vit Perlik

Aug 17, 2016

PharmInvent is excited to annouce an event that we are co-organizing that is taking place in Prague, Czech Republic next month.  

The Bioquivalence and Development Workshop will be happening from September 22-23 and PharmInvent‘s Dr. Vit Perlik who heads all of the Regulatory Sciences services will be actively part of the constructive discussions that are expected.

With that said,

Jean Michel Cardot, Helmut Schütz, Ondřej Slanař and Vít Perlík would like to cordially invite you to join a one and a half day “family reunion” of professionals in the field of bioequivalence and development of pharmaceuticals. The meeting is designed free for open discussion around the current burning issues and for sharing the best practices among industry professionals, regulators and scientists.

Current Topics Include:

  • Fixed dose combinations with an update on the draft guideline of the clinical development of fixed combination medicinal products
  • Strength biowaivers and pseudo-proportionality issues
  • IVIVC and PK modelling, its use and regulatory acceptability in development 
  • Inflation of type I error in two-stage designs

Location Details:

  • The workshop will take place on September 22-23 in Prague, Czech Republic at the Institute of Pharmacology of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

For more details, please visit the event‘s website at:

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