Pharmacovigilance Training Course - Audits & Inspections - Prague, June 13 – 14, 2018

Apr 23, 2018

We cordially invite all managers and specialists in drug safety to a unique workshop in Prague, Czech Republic. This two-day course is dedicated to training on audits and inspections of pharmacovigilance systems and GVP, with focus on:

  • Practical instructions on how to prepare for an audit / inspection from the time of receipt of the announcement to successful conclusion
  • Latest information about new regulatory requirements and awareness of authorities’ expectations
  • Preparation of responses to audit / inspection findings and CAPA plans

Besides the learning objectives, the training will provide participants with:

  • The opportunity to consult your specific situations with experts on PV auditing in Europe and beyond
  • Real examples, proven solutions
  • Certificate for your Training Records

The training course will be conducted in the English language. Our experienced PV professionals will teach the participants how to prepare for an audit/inspection from the time of the receipt of the announcement to the conclusion of the audit/inspection.

•          Date:     June 13 – 14, 2018

•          Venue:  hotel Jurys, Prague, Czech Republic

The workshop is organized by the Institute of Pharmacovigilance in cooperation with PrimeVigilance and PharmInvent. Last year the auditorium was full, book in advance at For details see the attached leaflet.

The world of drug safety brings something new almost every day. To keep you at the forefront, the Institute of Pharmacovigilance can organize a customized pharmacovigilance training course for your organization. The training can be held at your offices or at our premises in Prague. We look forward to hearing about your training needs at


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