5 Years of Professional Service From PharmInvent

Sep 23, 2015

PharmInvent has just passed its Five Year Anniversary which marks the beginning of yet another year of outstanding service for our clients.  Since PharmInvent was formed in 2010, we have developed a broad range of services that has proven through the test of time to meet the most demanding needs of pharmaceutical companies on a global level. 

While adapting our services to constantly changing local and regional regulations, PharmInvent continues to be the service provider of choice for pharmaceutical clients who demand excellence and compliance with their respective pharmacovigilance programs.

Below are a list of some of the PharmInvent’s recent highlights:

  • Passed a recent EMA Inspection with flying colors
  • Successfully expanded our local QPPV Services into the MENA Region and S. Africa
  • Established a full suite of services from Pre-Authorization to Post-Authorization with our Clinical and Regulatory Services as well as Pharmacovigilance Services
  • Our initial clients from 2010 have all continued with PharmInvent today in 2015

With all that has been accomplished in the previous 5 years, we feel the momentum is just beginning.  As the organization grows and continues to progress our internal excitement for what is to come keeps us motivated. 

Every indication from our clients, regulators, and fellow employees lead us to believe that we will continue to be the premiere source of pharmacovigilance and regulatory science services for the foreseeable future.  

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